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      MS Windows® 32bit - Version (~8MB)

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    (Check with Query: [ SELECT sqlite_source_id(); ])

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      Version - April - 2021     Beta Release

  • Included SQLite binaries Release:
      Version 3.35.4 - 2021-04-02     sqlite.org/download


The software is Windows™ 32-Bit based* and should work on all compatible platforms but has only been tested on 32bit XP Pro, 32/64bit Win7, 64bit Win8/8.1, 64bit Win10. It is not compatible with Win 8 R/T 64bit, and some users reported that it runs perfectly well in Wine.
Please feel free to report back on compatibility quirks on other platforms.

*Microsoft, Windows, WinXP, Win7/8/10 and all similar references are all Registered Trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.


This software is provided free of charge and free of any known malware, adware or any other 3rd-party software, but no official claims are made in this regard - please stay safe with up-to-date security and anti-virus software.

As a security-measure, File-Hashes are provided for the executable file downloads. The SQLite tools included can be verified (or re-downloaded) from www.sqlite.org/download.html.

Features & Release Log

  • New features in version 2.1.3:

    • Support standard SQLite functionality and changes up to version 3.35.4 - Not Backwards compatible with DLL's older than 3.30.0 due to newly compiled-in pragmas (See below).
    • Re-designed the Overview section and Project listings. The current selected (and visible) Tab is remembered between sessions.
    • Removed clunky sizing controls and made the layout adapt more fluidly to size preference. To make this possible, the new minimum width is 960px (up from 700px).
    • Redesigned Database-file-Search, Table-Search and Object-Search interfaces to be more intuitive. Long-running searches execute in a separate thread and can be cancelled if needed.
    • Extensive redesign of the table-comparison (Diff) tool to have a much more clear and intuitive interface with lots of speed-setting options to make finding/applying changes easier.
    • Added the "SQL Reference" page in the main Database management view, which lists all SQL keywords, functions and extended functions with short descriptions and the ability to add them to the Query by double-clicking.
    • Pop-Up help - When clicking the mouse in the Query editor, the word at the cursor is evaluated. If it is a valid SQL reserved word or function, a pop-up directly below the Query editor will show its basic use/function.
    • Similarly, When clicking the mouse in the Query editor, the closest standard SQL function found (SELECT, INSERT, CREATE, etc.) will be pre-selected in the documentation page from where it takes one click to open the on-line help.
    • Added the following new Settings (Accessible on "Settings" Tab):
      • "Ask to Confirm when closing all open DBs" - Allows the user to choose whether they want to see the "You have open DBs, close all?" confirmation when closing SQLitespeed.
      • "Show Pop-Up keyword help in Query editor" - Enable/Disable one of the other new features (See "Pop-Up help" above).
    • Implemented new management of ATTACHED Databases; Remember them and Re-Attach in the next session; Manage, add-to or remove Databases from the Attach-list, and Automatically attach/detach all databases on the list.
    • To use the new Attached Database management functions - Start by attaching one or more databases in the current connection. More menu options will become available when the list grows to 3 or more.
    • Added new PRAGMAs on the "Pragma" Tab which, though available before, only became compiled-in as standard in the provided SQLite binaries recently. These are:
      • PRAGMA function_list and its eponymous table: pragma_function_list - providing a list of registered SQL functions known to the current connection.
      • PRAGAM module_list and its eponymous table: pragma module_list - providing a list of registered Virtual Table modules known to the current connection.
    • Due to some sensible requests, changed the script editor to have the default first query to a new empty script be: "SELECT sqlite_version(), sqlite_software_id();" - information which is more pertinent and less bulky than the previous (selecting Schemata from sqlite_master).
    • Fixed an important bug whereby the Schema parser did not recognize that a named Primary Key table constraint [CREATE TABLE t(a, b, CONSTRAINT pk_1 PRIMARY KEY(a) );] makes the column it operates on a PRIMARY KEY column (a). This caused table display discrepancies and some invalid Query suggestions.
    • Fixed many small bugs and improved some interface and usability quirks thanks to bug reports and suggestions from the SQLitespeed community.

  • New features in version 2.1.2:

    • Support standard SQLite functionality and changes up to version 3.27.0 - Not Backwards compatible with DLL's older than 3.25.1 due to support for newer Window functions and UPSERT functionality.
    • Added "Plan" and "Explain" Tabs in the top-right pane to show the Query Plan and VDBE code explanation lists for the current Query.
    • Removed old "Explain" and "Query Plan" buttons from the Query Editor section.
    • Query Plan and Explain VDBE code may be copied to Sheets or Text via the respective right-click menus.
    • The main File importer (i.e. not the CSV-specific importer) now have 3 modes of Import:
      • Import to NEW Table - You set the Table name, Column names and Types,
      • Import to EXISTING Table - You pick the existing Table and match up the Column names to import via INSERT OR REPLACE,
      • Import to CSV File - You set the new File name and Column names.
    • Import configurations can be "Remembered" by using the "Save"/"Load" buttons or automatically for the Import file's name.
    • Progress bar for opening new database files (to not appear stale or "hangy" when a very large DB file takes a few seconds to open).
    • Capability to handle newer sqlite functionality: New Pragmas, UPSERTs, Window Functions, etc.
    • New (and more sensible) Keyboard short-cuts - Hover over the question-marks above the Query editor to pop up the short-cuts list.
    • Several more GUI enhancements and bug fixes - thanks to suggestions/reports from the SQLitespeed community.

  • New features in version 2.1.1:

    • Support standard SQLite functionality and changes up to version 3.24.0 - Backwards compatible with DLL's down to version 3.7.8.
    • Added a Schema-tree with all attached databases, Tables, Views and all connected database objects - all with redesigned context menus.
    • Re-designed existing quick-SQL functions and added many more, including the newly introduced "UPSERT" functionality.
    • Added a Schema-Analyzer in the Schema documentation interface which will report on possible Schema problems that sometimes go unnoticed, such as misspelled variable types, warnings where type affinities might not match intended types, mismatching parent-child affinities between foreign keys, invalid or type-incompatible default values, etc.
    • Table-values editor recording changes to SQL script which can be independently committed or copied to use elsewhere.
    • Enhanced Query Clipboard with multiple items and the ability to iterate through clips and add/replace them into the current query code (which makes running the same query multiple times with different values, much faster).
    • Several Table designer enhancements with the ability to handle some of the popular Virtual tables.
    • Several Editor enhancements such as inserting values via a calculator, block-commenting functions, and code-hinting on Views and View-columns.
    • Several speed enhancements, GUI enhancements and bug fixes - thanks to suggestions/reports from the SQLitespeed community.

  • New features in version 2.0.2:

    • Support standard SQLite functionality and changes up to version 3.9.2 - Backwards compatible with DLL's down to version 3.7.8.
    • Export Query results to SQL (INSERT / REPLACE) with formatting for any of SQLite/PostGres/MySQL/MSSQL compatible flavours. (Most other engines will read one of those formats).
    • Improved Schema documentation (Now with working HTML linking).
    • Script Engine Improvements - Automatic-add query lines; Use external editor; Improved results formatting.
    • Improved Databse management, Search and find all valid SQLite3 databases in folders. (Can copy-paste results)
    • Improved click-to-add Keys, Indices and Triggers in visual Table designer.

  • New features in version 2.0.1:

    • Automated Schema documentation for all Database objects (with SQL and HTML exports).
      Documentation   Example 1    Example 2
    • Script Engine and Script editor to design and run / debug (step-through) SQL scripts. (Allows parameters when used within SQLitespeed)
    • Visual editors for all Table-constraints (Foreign Key, CHECK constraints, Primary keys and Unique keys).
    • Test and debug schema changes to Tables or Views before implementing them.
    • Visual Themes - many different themes to ensure everyone will find a look that is comfortable to work with.

  • New features in version 2.0:

    • Access databases from an overview control panel and group them into Projects for easy access of multiple related databases.
    • Search files among your projects, or anywhere on your computer for Databases or even specific database objects (Tables, Triggers, Indices, etc.).
      See: File and DB object Searches
    • Double-click Database links in a Project to open the Database. Links may now also point directly to a specific table to open.
    • View core SQLite-specific Database Information from the overview panel. File listings indicates database validity, presence and accessibility.
    • Drop in your own compiled sqlite.dll and use loadable extensions on the fly (Previously used extensions are remembered for easy future loading).
    • View, select or manage Views from the menu. Create new Views from your query results.
    • Export Queries to SQL in addition to all previously supported formats (CSV, JSON, XML, Spreadsheet).
    • Support all new SQLite functionality, pragmas and conventions up to version 3.8.11

  • Older release logs have been archived but are available on request. See "Other features" below for a summary.

  • Other features Include:

    • Complete Visual designers for tablesprimary/unique keyscheck constraintsforeign keystriggers and  indices.
    • Create new tables using other tables as templates - including their triggers and indices.
    • Alter tables and columns with adjustment of all table objects.
    • Compare tables - highlighting differences in structure and data.
    • Easy-reading graphical interpreter of Database statistics (Via Analyzer output).
    • Query stats for Time taken through different phases and Memory usage.
    • Search files among your projects, or anywhere on your computer for Databases or even specific database objects (Tables, Triggers, Indices, etc.).
      See: File and DB object Searches
    • Quick-backup (to automatic files) and full custom backups with restores confirming data version date and time before commencing.

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